Three Statues.

by slowdancejournal

It takes a team to move a book from idea to launch.

R. Juan Harris’s novel, “Three Statues” began with three metal sculptures fabricated by the author. But as he lived with them, they began to suggest a story.

Ron Harris

What if the three statues were three women who, in turn, occupied the central spot in the sculptor’s life?

And so, Max’s story began.

Here we are at the launch in Apalachicola, FL.

Ron (R. Juan) is the handsome guy on the left.

I’m next. I served as content editor.

Debbie Hooper shot the cover. She faced a challenge taking three statues created on very different scales and combining them in a single, balanced image.

Finally, there is Sue Cronkite. a retired newspaper journalist who did the copy edit–there is nothing like a typo to remind the reader that this is just a story.

As you work on your own book remember, seeking help is part of the process.