While we are in lock-down…

by slowdancejournal

By nature, writers tend to be quieter and more introspective than most–we lock down voluntarily any time we sit down to write. We are also more powerful. While looking very much like anyone else we create worlds, then turn them on their heads (this is called plotting). We go inside the minds of our characters, put words in their mouths, often stealing snippets or co-opting whole-cloth from those around us; even a fourth grade teacher left behind years ago can still show up in our work. No one is safe from the long reach of a writer.

Writers create order as they create their stories. Disaster often strikes–disaster is one of the more robust plot types. In all its horror, disaster-on-the-page makes sense, and the reader has faith that the disaster will pass and resolve, creating (lo and behold!) a new world order.

We are now living a disaster plot and we cannot turn the page and see what is next. Real life is doing to us what we do to our readers all the time; worrying us and holding us in suspense.

So, what do we do now?

We do what we always do. We process the real world through the lens of our writing. And perhaps the words we write will have an affect on that new world order as yet unknown but on its way.

Although we look like everyone else, we are powerful. We are writers. As scared and discouraged as anyone else, we still do the work of creating meaning out of chaos. While we are in lock down, we write.